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Fiona’s University of Auckland lecture Fiction and Factions: the Political Novel in New Zealand Auckland Writers Festival (2018)

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Playing Favourites with Fiona Farrell - Kim Hill on National Radio


Saturday morning with Paul Diamond - The Broken Book


Radio NZ 'Limestone' review - podcast - Rae McGregor with Lynn Freeman


Radio NZ review-- Louise O'Brien with Katherine Ryan


Radio NZ - podcast - Fiona Farrell with Lynn Freeman

Online Poetry Texts

From Cutting Out (AUP, 1987)

Anne Brown's Song

Mary Lawry's Song

Lucy Rainbow's Song

Charlotte O'Neill's Song

Seven Wishes

Tap Dance


From The Inhabited Initial (AUP, 1999)

Words, War, Water: Preface

Hamed Ameri's Skull Won't Stop Growing


Ursula at Parakakariki

The Inhabited Initial



From The Pop-Up Book of Invasions (AUP, 2007)

The Invasion

The Way of the Dishes


The Book of the Dun Cow



The Lament of the Nun of Beare