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Related Experience

2013 Michael King Writers Fellowship.

2012 University of Otago Wallace Residency at The Pah Homestead.

2011 Robert Burns Fellow at the University of Otago.

2006 Rathcoola Fellow at Donoughmore in Ireland.

1995 Katherine Mansfield Fellow at Menton in France.

1992 Canterbury University Writer's Residency in Christchurch.

She has also been the recipient of several grants from Creative New Zealand to fund the writing of individual works.

Fiona was awarded the 1995 Katherine Mansfield Fellowship to Menton

Katherine Mansfield Fellows 1970-2008

1970 Owen Leeming
1971 Margaret Scott
1972 CK Stead
1973 James McNeish
1974 Janet Frame
1975 David Mitchell
1976 Michael King
1977 Barry Mitcalfe
1978 Spiros Zavros
1979 Philip Temple
1980 Marilyn Duckworth
1981 Lauris Edmond
1982 Michael Jackson
1983 Allen Curnow
1984 Rowley Habib
1985 Michael Gifkins
1986 Michael Harlow
1987 Russell Hayley
1988 Louis Johnson
1989 Lloyd Jones
1990 Lisa Greenwood
1991 Nigel Cox
1992 Maurice Gee
1993 Witi Ihimaera
1994 Vincent O'Sullivan
1995 Fiona Farrell
1996 Owen Marshall
1997 Roger Hall
1998 Maurice Shadbolt
1999 Elizabeth Knox
2000 Stephanie Johnson
2001 Catherine Chidgey
2002 Jenny Bornholdt
2003 Tessa Duder
2004 Bill Manhire
2005 Ian Wedde
2006 Fiona Kidman
2007 Stuart Hoar

2008 Damien Wilkins

She writes about her experience in the collection below
As fair as New Zealand to me

As fair as New Zealand to me

: New Zealand writers in Katherine Mansfield's Menton.

Victoria University 2000


This book is a celebration of the Meridian Energy Katherine Mansfield Memorial Fellowship, which since 1970 has allowed one New Zealand writer each year to live for at least four months in Menton on the French Cote d'Azur, and to write in the Katherine Mansfield Memorial Room, in the Villa Isola Bella, where in 1920 - 1 New Zealand's most famous writer spent some of the happiest and most productive months of her short life.

Twenty three of the writers who have followed in Mansfield's footsteps received a long-delayed letter from her, and on 6 March 1999 their replies were heard at a standing-room-only celebration in Wellington. These very personal contributions are sensually evocative of the Menton experience and provide absorbing insights into the creative processes of some of our leading writers

'And did the journey, to use the language of an application form for another writing fellowship I saw recently, achieve the anticipated outcomes? Well, yes: the writer has walked on bare knees round and around the twisting maze which leads to the inner cell of the self, and that's the place from which the words flow. But it is not always easy to say that exactly in an official report. It's hard to describe a pilgrimage' Fiona Farrell



The Fellowship is administered by Creative New Zealand, who should be contacted for details of entry.

In 2008 the sponsorship was taken over by New Zealand Post.



Fiona was the recipient of the inaugural writing fellowship to Donoughmore Co Cork in Ireland

The fellowship is generously provided to NZ writers by Robin Lynch

Fiona wrote about her time at Donoughmore

“I learned such a lot during this Residency. I felt constantly intrigued, curious, excited by the place. I filled book after book with notes which I am working from at the time I write this, back here in New Zealand. Within a few weeks of our arrival in Donoughmore I had completed the novel I had thought would be the major work from the residency. In fact, I found so many other ideas pouring in that I wanted to finish it and begin on something new. I wrote a final draft in record time during the first few weeks in Donoughmore then turned to writing poetry as a way of keeping a kind of diary record of what I was experiencing daily.

I really don’t want to sound smug or complacent, but I have never written so fluently or easily before: the peace of Donoughmore, the comfort of our lives there, the constant stimulation of living in that particular place surrounded by that culture simply released me to write. It all felt so easy: like humming a tune. I can’t put it more precisely than that.”

cottage at Rathcoola

Writers at Rathcoola

2006 Fiona Farrell

2007 Bernadette Hall

2008 Catherine Chidgey